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Terms & Conditions

Product Display:

We will make every reasonable effort to display our merchandise on this website as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, various factors, including the display and color capabilities of your computer monitor, may affect what you actually see on your screen. We are not responsible for the display of any color, texture or detail of our merchandise on your computer screen and cannot guarantee the accuracy thereof. All products shown are for illustrative and descriptive purposes only and the actual product you receive may differ slightly.


Prices displayed on this site are quoted in U.S. currency and are valid and effective only in the United States. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Information Accuracy:

We will use reasonable efforts to include accurate and current information on the site, but there may be occasions when information on the site contains typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions that may relate to product descriptions, pricing, availability and other matters. We make no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy of such information and will not be bound thereby. We reserve the right to correct any errors and to update and/or change site information at any time.

Privacy Policy:

We respect your right to privacy. We will never sell, rent, or loan any of your personally identifiable information to any third party. When an order is placed or when you register for services (like newsletters, etc..), we collect basic information including: name, address, email address, phone number and other personal preferences. We use this information to confirm your order and to respond to any questions you may have.

When you purchase products from our site or register for services (like newsletters, etc.), we include you in our list to receive email updates about special offers, new products and/or services that we may offer. We will only send you email communications that you expect. If for any reason you do not wish to receive this information, simply click the unsubscribe link in the email, and type “unsubscribe” in the subject line. You may opt-out of receiving future mailings at any time.

Cookie Policy:

Our site may use cookies to keep track of your shopping cart so you don’t have to re-enter it each time you visit. All data is stored in a highly secure database with state-of-the-art backup and firewall technologies. It is not accessible to any unauthorized parties.

If you have questions about our Terms & Conditions or have comments on how we can improve your experience on our site, please use our contact form. We value your input and would love to hear from you.

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