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06 Aug 2018

Classic Cars: New Generation

A “classic” car is considered any car that’s 25 years or older. This means the cars from the 70’s and 80’s are reaching classic status. What makes these cars worthy of the title? It’s a combination of nostalgia, sex appeal, impracticality, and finally amenities that are just modern enough. It’s time to introduce a new generation of classic cars. Mercedes-Benz SL (1972-1989) This is considered the ideal vintage car. You’ll experience a feeling of freedom, and the car just feels […]

07 Jun 2018

Why Do We Love Classic Cars?

We consider classic cars a classic for many reasons. People love them because they provide enjoyment, and have value. Some are works of art. Classic cars provide memories and something that continues for generations. What’s To Love There’s a combination of features that create passion for the classics. Design is the first one that comes to mind. Classic car designs began with a pencil and paper. Designers created elegant shapes, unique curves and flowing lines. This isn’t possible with computer […]

29 Sep 2017
picture of 1966 red corvette

Stella: 1966 Red Corvette

Watch and enjoy the amazing video of a 1966 Red Corvette named Stella at: https://youtu.be/zvK08bMBIx4 Like our videos and subscribe to our channel.  

15 Jun 2017
photo of a camaro logo

Classic Camaro, Buick Hot Rod

1969 COPO Camaro This version of the classic Camaro, Central Office Production Order (COPO), created by Chevrolet, intended its design for fleet sales. It included stain proof interiors for taxi cab use and provided quality suspension for police cars. Yenko Chevrolet as well as other dealers discovered that they could order the Camaro this way. Therefore with the correct purchasing codes, dealers became able to add specs. However Chevy didn’t want dealers or consumers to have this option. This production […]