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21 Feb 2018

Drifting: Ford’s First Electronic Handbrake

Drifting with Ford is now a reality. The Ford Focus RS gets the first electronic handbrake. This means this turbo charged all wheel drive car can drift. Ford’s New Idea The idea for the drift stick began in 2014. Ford developed the concept from rally racing. Car makers discovered just how much fun this technology could be. It’s easy to use, extremely precise and provides ideal performance. Finally Ford introduced the drift stick at the Sema Show held in 2017. […]

10 Oct 2017
photo of a 1951 Cadillac

1951 Cadillac

Check out this video of a beautiful and classy 1951 Cadillac at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu2psSi7gEc. The name of the car is Mio Zio (my uncles). This car has been in the family for generations and is driven for each wedding.    

29 Sep 2017
picture of 1966 red corvette

Stella: 1966 Red Corvette

Watch and enjoy the amazing video of a 1966 Red Corvette named Stella at: https://youtu.be/zvK08bMBIx4 Like our videos and subscribe to our channel.  

13 Sep 2017

1956 Ford Thunderbird

This is a beautiful classic and fun to drive. The name of the car, E Gioco, suits it perfectly. This Italian phrase means “It’s Fun.” Enjoy the video of this amazing classic car at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wfzQc8e0rM    

31 Aug 2017
drawing of a 1959 Corvette Convertible

1959 Corvette Convertible

E Bella is a 1959 Corvette. E Bella means She’s Beautiful. The color combination of the silver with the red interior is striking. Enjoy these portraits of an amazing classic Corvette at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kKlwz7CAdQ&t=1s      

24 Aug 2017
photo of a cougar cat outline

Reunited 1969 Cougar Eliminator

We love great restoration stories, especially this one. It’s a little different than your average restoration. Imagine what being reunited with your dream car feels like. Enjoy the twists and turns. It all begins on a visit to Vancouver. Dream Car  A new Cougar featured in 1967 was called the Eliminator. Harry Unruh couldn’t get his mind to stop thinking about this car.  So it became his goal to own one. However he was a student majoring in electronics at […]

10 Aug 2017
photo of a hot rod car engine

Classic Resurrection

Local restoration Classic Resurrection is local, Grove City in Ohio, providing quality restoration services for your classic car. They’re work is very impressive from high point cars and concourse show cars to feature and magazine cover cars. Our goal is to provide the best customer care by striving to match the budget and the needs of each client. Lastly we want to provide a completed project that our clients deserve. Classic Resurrection will turn your restoration project into a reality. […]

27 Jul 2017
photo of a classic car engine

Chevelle and GTO: Our Feature

You’ll love the feature cars in this article. These classics are the Chevelle and the GTO. Each has their own unique facts about them. 1970 Chevy Chevelle LS6 GM put aside its rule forbidding the installation of engines, within midsize cars, larger than 400 cubic inches. This created excitement throughout the division. Oldmosbile placed the massive 455-cubic-inch into the 442. Chevrolet installed a 454-cubic-inch V-8, the LS6 into the Chevelle SS. The best estimate of power provided from the LS6 […]

13 Jul 2017
antique car photo

Classic Car Restoration Budget

Restoration projects require investments of time and money. So it’s crucial to create a restoration budget for your classic car project. You’ll require many car parts, with some being difficult to locate. While the process is work the job should still be fun and enjoyable.  Don’t rush to complete any restoration. Let’s discover how to complete a restoration without over spending. Choose your classic Get out there and start searching for the Classic you want to restore. Make sure it’s […]

29 Jun 2017
photo of a classic car show

Good Guys Car Show

The Largest Car Show Event Gary Meadors founded the Good Guys Hot Rod and Custom Association in 1983. This is the world’s largest association with members from all different parts of the world. They produce and promote the best events in the automotive world. The content shared by Good Guys is nothing short of high quality entertainment. Classic car enthusiasts and owners know about the Good Guys Car Show. It’s the largest showcase of from vintage and late model muscle […]