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13 Jul 2017
antique car photo

Classic Car Restoration Budget

Restoration projects require investments of time and money. So it’s crucial to create a restoration budget for your classic car project. You’ll require many car parts, with some being difficult to locate. While the process is work the job should still be fun and enjoyable.  Don’t rush to complete any restoration. Let’s discover how to complete a restoration without over spending. Choose your classic Get out there and start searching for the Classic you want to restore. Make sure it’s […]

10 Jul 2017
photo of a mustang gt/cs

Meet Orange Crush: 2007 Mustang GT/CS

Orange Crush is a 2007 California Special Mustang GT. Enjoy the video of the amazing portraits. Like our videos and subscribe to our channel.

29 Jun 2017
photo of a classic car show

Good Guys Car Show

The Largest Car Show Event Gary Meadors founded the Good Guys Hot Rod and Custom Association in 1983. This is the world’s largest association with members from all different parts of the world. They produce and promote the best events in the automotive world. The content shared by Good Guys is nothing short of high quality entertainment. Classic car enthusiasts and owners know about the Good Guys Car Show. It’s the largest showcase of from vintage and late model muscle […]

15 Jun 2017
photo of a camaro logo

Classic Camaro, Buick Hot Rod

1969 COPO Camaro This version of the classic Camaro, Central Office Production Order (COPO), created by Chevrolet, intended its design for fleet sales. It included stain proof interiors for taxi cab use and provided quality suspension for police cars. Yenko Chevrolet as well as other dealers discovered that they could order the Camaro this way. Therefore with the correct purchasing codes, dealers became able to add specs. However Chevy didn’t want dealers or consumers to have this option. This production […]

01 Jun 2017
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Selling Your Classic Car Guide

Guidelines are important when you’re selling any car and especially a classic or collector car. Of course well cared for classics bring a higher price tag. There are many marketing options available to advertise your vehicle. Following these guidelines ensures an efficient selling experience. Prepare Your Car Before listing your classic car for sale there’s some important tasks to complete. First have the vehicle inspected by your mechanic and complete any necessary repairs. This will allow you to list a […]

18 May 2017
photo of a red classic mustang

Classic Performance Features

These muscles cars show off a classic performance. We’re talking about the 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and the 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429. The late seventies brought with it strict emissions, rising insurance costs and gas prices. This caused car makers to drastically lower their horsepower. 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am However the Pontiac Trans Am didn’t change. It definitely had classic performance. They accomplished new popularity beginning with its major role in the classic movie Smokey and the […]

11 May 2017
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Buying Classic Cars Guide

When your buying classic cars there’s so much to consider whether you’re buying your first or your a collector. Some of these cars increase in value and some don’t. This is why research is important. Make sure you’re aware of how much work and investment comes with collector or classic car ownership. It’s important to think about your purchase. Be knowledgeable about restoration and proper maintenance. Before you buy Invest in a professional inspection prior to your purchase. There are […]

04 May 2017
ford convertible

Ford Galaxie: Classic Gift

Classic car, Classic Owner John Rooke, associate chief justice of Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench, is the proud owner of a classic yellow Ford Galaxie Convertible. If the weather is nice you may spot this classic parked outside of the law courts in Edmonton. When John returned home at the end of his first year of law school a surprise awaited his attention. His father Dan, a farmer that became an auto parts salesman, had something special in the garage […]

20 Apr 2017
photo of a chevy ss

Featured: American Muscle Cars

Satisfy your need for speed What do most classic car enthusiasts love about american muscle cars? They love the look, the sound and lastly the speed.  The sixties and seventies brought about rare cars giant torque V-8 engines. The powerful classics from the eighties were quick however they came with more strict emission controls. There’s stories with surprising twists when you glance beyond the speed. Shelby Let’s talk about the 1968 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Mustang enthusiasts consider the 1965 […]

06 Apr 2017
photo of thirties ford classic car

Classic Rebuild Continues

So this twenty seven year classic project is about to begin. It’s interesting to see how the story unfolds. Rebuilding Begins Ross resides at his home in Coquitlam. The Ford he just purchased rested in Chilliwack. He made four trips using a pickup truck and a trailer to transport the scattered classic. He placed the boxes in the garage, the car frame rested along the side of his house, finally he stored the car body underneath the back porch. At […]