Ford’s Car Lineup Going Extinct

Ford is one the most popular vehicle maker. The Mustang is the most wanted vehicle in production. However many vehicles in the Ford car lineup aren’t doing nearly as well. So Ford is planning to remove many of them from production.

Decreasing Car Lineup

Ford is removing most of their car lineup. They’re removing the Fiesta ST and and the Focus RS. Ford announced that they plan to focus on SUV’s and Trucks and remove the majority of cars throughout the next few years. Once this happens the only cars sticking around in North America are the Focus Active crossover esque hatch and the Mustang.

The production of the Taurus ends in March of 2019. The production of the Fiesta will continue in North America until May of 2019. There isn’t a date on the final production of the Ford Fusion. The Focus Hatchback debuted in Europe recently however it won’t be coming to the United States at all.

C0nsumer Demand

Consumer demand is much higher among the SUV’s and Trucks. Therefore they will focus their production since they provide more profit than the cars. Ford stated that 90% percent of their offerings will include primarily truck, utility and commercial vehicles. They will also be exploring the creation of new models that combine the best features of cars and utility vehicles. These features include versatility, more space and higher ride height.

Ford isn’t experiencing profit from their car lineup. This includes the Fusion, Focus, and Fiesta. So this is the reason they’re shifting their focus away from cars and moving onto profitable products.

The Goal

Ford’s goal is to cut spending by 5 billion dollars in planned spending starting in 2019 until 2022. This makes perfect sense however Ford car enthusiasts will not like this news. On the plus side the Edge ST and Explorer ST will debut here and the Mustang isn’t going anywhere.


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