Why Do We Love Classic Cars?

We consider classic cars a classic for many reasons. People love them because they provide enjoyment, and have value. Some are works of art. Classic cars provide memories and something that continues for generations.

What’s To Love

There’s a combination of features that create passion for the classics. Design is the first one that comes to mind. Classic car designs began with a pencil and paper. Designers created elegant shapes, unique curves and flowing lines. This isn’t possible with computer based design programs. For example, think about the Ferrari 250 GTO profile or the front wing belonging to the Jaguar XK120.

Classic Vs. Modern

Designs such as these are remarkable however we no longer see them on modern day cars. So car makers now face limitations to ensure driving safety. Modern techniques in production make it complicated for cars to have character like classics do. Computers and robots handle the majority of car part production working 24/7.

The production of our beloved classic cars is a highly manual process. Craftsmen combine decades of experience with the use of simple tools to create panels by sight and hand. The results withstand daily use, weather and time. Not all classics came out perfect, far from it actually. So some didn’t care about well designed cars that were pleasing to the eye. Quality classics provide craftsmanship compared to cars that are simply old.

The Mechanics

Classic cars are quite different from Modern cars when it comes to mechanics. Modern engines, typically a sealed unit, consists of components practically impossible to service by any average person.  A central computer controls most components. They created modern cars this way to improve efficiency and and safety. However it takes away the charm, feel and character of the car.

Our older cars, classics, contrast greatly to modern mechanics. They offer mechanical systems with a delicate balance comprised of hundreds, even thousands of individual parts designed to work together. So Drivers provide input and receive direct feedback from the controls. Therefore this creates an experience that’s impossible with any modern car.


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