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21 Jun 2018

Ford’s Car Lineup Going Extinct

Ford is one the most popular vehicle maker. The Mustang is the most wanted vehicle in production. However many vehicles in the Ford car lineup aren’t doing nearly as well. So Ford is planning to remove many of them from production. Decreasing Car Lineup Ford is removing most of their car lineup. They’re removing the Fiesta ST and and the Focus RS. Ford announced that they plan to focus on SUV’s and Trucks and remove the majority of cars throughout […]

07 Jun 2018

Why Do We Love Classic Cars?

We consider classic cars a classic for many reasons. People love them because they provide enjoyment, and have value. Some are works of art. Classic cars provide memories and something that continues for generations. What’s To Love There’s a combination of features that create passion for the classics. Design is the first one that comes to mind. Classic car designs began with a pencil and paper. Designers created elegant shapes, unique curves and flowing lines. This isn’t possible with computer […]