Chevelle and GTO: Our Feature

photo of a classic car engine

You’ll love the feature cars in this article. These classics are the Chevelle and the GTO. Each has their own unique facts about them.

1970 Chevy Chevelle LS6

GM put aside its rule forbidding the installation of engines, within midsize cars, larger than 400 cubic inches. This created excitement throughout the division. Oldmosbile placed the massive 455-cubic-inch into the 442. Chevrolet installed a 454-cubic-inch V-8, the LS6 into the Chevelle SS.

The best estimate of power provided from the LS6 hovers at 450 hp with about 500 pounds of torque. Some experts photo of a chevy ssclaim the real output was closer to 500 hp made possible with the Holley 780 CFM carb and high compression ratio. They tested this theory and the Chevelle ran a quarter mile in 13.8 seconds. It reached 60 mph in less than 5.4 seconds. This became the highest factory horsepower rating when compared to all muscle cars.


The top performance car produced by Chevy is the Corvette. Until the LS6 came into production wouldn’t approve any horsepower rating higher than the Corvette. However their position on the issue changed for that one year. At one point, they planned for an LS7 but that idea never materialized.

1969 Pontiac GTO Judge

The muscle car scene became one owned by Pontiac throughout the early sixties. The 1964 GTO became considered the first Pontiac muscle car of its kind. However there was plenty of competition by the year 1968. Pontiac considered producing a less expensive version of the GTO. It would have a 350-cubic-foot engine.

John DeLorean, the boss, didn’t appreciate that idea. He felt that there should never be a GTO with an engine that small. Therefore he chose to create a classic one step above the GTO. The car received its name from a popular skit for the time, The Judge. This car came equipped with the 360 hp Ram Air 3. However consumers could choose to upgrade to the Ram Air 4 providing 370 hp. There’s only five convertible vehicles in existence created with the Judge Ram Air 4 so they became the most rare.


The featured band Paul Revere and the Raiders appeared in the original commercial for this classic car, the Judge. They sang about a GTO on dry lake bed. The lead singer, a car enthusiast, absolutely loved the Judge. So he decided to write a song about it.


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