Classic Camaro, Buick Hot Rod

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1969 COPO Camaro

photo of a brown classic camaroThis version of the classic Camaro, Central Office Production Order (COPO), created by Chevrolet, intended its design for fleet sales. It included stain proof interiors for taxi cab use and provided quality suspension for police cars. Yenko Chevrolet as well as other dealers discovered that they could order the Camaro this way. Therefore with the correct purchasing codes, dealers became able to add specs. However Chevy didn’t want dealers or consumers to have this option.

This production order 9561 specs included a 427 big-block V-8. The horsepower rated at 425 hp, similar to that of a Corvette. However there’s a more rare version known as the COPO 9560. This one included an all-aluminum ZL-1 427 V-8. Despite this engine only rating at five more horsepower, it’s well-known that it delivered above that. The racing spec engine rated closer to 550 hp. Chevy only produced 69 of the ZL-1 Camaros. The auction price for one of these ranged at about $400,000.


Chevrolet originally developed the aluminum ZL-1 427 V-8 in the 9560 COPO Camaro as a racing engine.  This 427 motor became a creation for the Chaparral racing team for use in the Can Am series. There aren’t any external emblems on a ZL-1 Camaro. So this makes it impossible to know what’s under the hood.

1987 Buick GNX

Buick chose to bring back some of the power and look of the muscles cars from the sixties and seventies. In 1987, a photo of a classic yellow buicklong time after the big-block V-8 went away, the Buick GNX showed off a design based on the Grand National. This classic included a very strong, turbocharged V-6. It raised the horsepower of the Grand National from 245 hp to 276 hp. The one tested by Car and Driver went from zero to sixty mph in an impressive 4.6 seconds. This was one of the fastest cars available on the market that year. Buick only produced 547 of these classic cars. Therefore most chose to store them for investment purposes.


When Buick halted production of the GNX quite a few of these engines remained. So Pontiac took on the rest of the turbo V-6s. They chose to place them in the 1989 20th Anniversary production of the Trans Am. Lastly this engine originally produced a conservative rating at only 250 hp. However loyal GM enthusiasts knew the potential that rested under the hood.

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