Selling Your Classic Car Guide

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Guidelines are important when you’re selling any car and especially a classic or collector car. Of course well cared for classics bring a higher price tag. There are many marketing options available to advertise your vehicle. Following these guidelines ensures an efficient selling experience.

Prepare Your Car

Before listing your classic car for sale there’s some important tasks to complete. First have the vehicle inspected by your mechanic and complete any necessary repairs. This will allow you to list a higher selling price.

Now it’s time to put your research skills to work. Check to see what other buyers are paying for classics similar to yours. Keep in mind having original classic parts and appearance raises the resale value.


photo of an antique carThe key to selling quickly is appropriate advertising. There are wide varieties of options. Reaching out to car dealers and inquire about selling your classic to them or some will sell your vehicle for you. However they will take a percentage of the sale price. Also asking family and friends to to share the information with others is an option.

However the best option is advertising your sale online.There are websites available for selling your car. Although these sites typically charge a fee. A couple free options include connecting with individuals through classic car forums and advertising on Craigslist.

Remember, when placing your ad online, include interior and exterior photos of your car. The majority of individuals want to view the item before they commit to seeing it in person. Therefore this attracts more potential buyers.

Advertising Techniques

Selling classic or antique cars differs greatly from selling your average used car. This means you may need to use unique selling techniques. Reaching a wide range of potential buyers is important when selling classic cars.

You may want to choose to advertise on websites specializing in classic car sales. It’s only going to benefit you to place ads on a couple mainstream sites. However if you prefer to deal with knowledgeable consumers then the best photo of an auction hammerchoice is to continue with the specialized websites. You’re more likely to attract buyers that will offer what your car is worth.

Auction houses and brokers provide the best option for those that own valuable antique cars. This is primarily used for rare cars that include a high price. This options attracts buyers interested in your specific vehicle. You many choose online auctions which cost less. However auction houses and brokers provide more reliability and trust. Most that purchase this way are willing to pay more for what they want.


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