Classic Rebuild Continues

photo of thirties ford classic car

So this twenty seven year classic project is about to begin. It’s interesting to see how the story unfolds.

Rebuilding Begins

Ross resides at his home in Coquitlam. The Ford he just purchased rested in Chilliwack. He made four trips using a pickup truck and a trailer to transport the scattered classic. He placed the boxes in the garage, the car frame rested along the side of his house, finally he stored the car body underneath the back porch.

At this point Ross, a member of the Early Ford V8 Club for some time, received a lot of encouragement and advice. The restoration and reassembly of this classic will be quite the task. One of his fellow club members turned out to be very helpful. He restored the same year and model Ford that Ross purchased.

Surprisingly, he accounted for the majority of the car parts. This limited the need to locate rare car parts and saving time. The body of the classic Ford was in remarkable condition. Ross handled all of the mechanical work on his own and a partial amount of the body work. The remaining body work and perfect paint job, completed by his fellow club member Sandy, included the dashboards wood grain finish and interior garnish mouldings.

photo of a thirties ford classic carThe original exterior color Ross chose, called Cordoba Gray, actually resembled Beige more. Most didn’t consider it a good fit until they saw it in person. They realized that it suited the car very well. A longtime friend of Ross completed all of the upholstery work.


Throughout the following years learned enough about Columbia two speed rear axles to consider himself an expert. The provided this Ford part for vehicles from 1937 to 1948. It was possible to have this installed by the dealer in earlier models however Ross placed in his 1934 model. This part will perform as a fourth gear providing better performance on the highway. His 1934 Ford included the rare feature of the ashtray radio option.

Finally 27 years later the completed car sits in his driveway. This classic Ford shows of the perfect lines of the coupe with three windows and capturing the attention of those passing by. However up to this point, Ross has chosen not to drive it or to even put gas in it. He wants it to remain perfect, the way he built it.


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