Classic Rebuild: Twenty Seven Years Long

photo of a 1934 ford classic car

How much time would you invest on a classic rebuild project? It depends on how much you want to have an awesome classic to create memories and enjoy the ones you’ve already made. One man took his love for classic Fords and began his restoration journey.

The Beginning

His name is Ross Blewett. The memories from his teenage years included taking turns with his brother driving a 1936 Ford “Slantback. Ross and his brother Milt enjoyed long drives with their girlfriends to the perfect lakeside picnic spot.

This classic, aged 15 years, became available for their personal use now and then. Their father was a police officer in a town where noisy pipes weren’t acceptable. So they chose to lower the car then installed dual exhausts. When Ross and Milt turned 12 and 14 they began learning mechanics with a spent Ford Model A sedan. They constructed a garage with their father before they set forth with their rebuild. They never drove the Model A. However the project experience created a love of mechanics they would keep.

The brothers eventually married their teen loves and began careers as telephone linemen. Their chosen hobbies as adults started with hydroplane racing. They began with small boats with 60 hp V-8 engines reused from old Ford vehicles from the 1930’s. Later on Milt controlled a more powerful hydorplane on Lake Washington.

Project Rebuild Discoveryphoto of a tan classic 1934 ford

Ross reached mid-life. This is when he rediscovered his passion for antique Fords. So he purchased and restored a 1932 Ford V8 sedan, and next was a Ford Coupe from 1940. Finally that classic rebuild project brought Ross to the 1934 Ford Coupe. This became a complete top to bottom and front to back rebuild for the next 27 years.

The project began when a stranger approached him at an event about the Ford being for sale. Ross discovered a completely disassembled car with pieces in boxes. The asking price, $10,,000, was high. Ross chose to pay the asking price to have the car he dreamed of owning. He just liked 1934 Fords so it was worth it to him.




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