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Which movie is your top choice?

The top choice of car movies is very debatable. There’s so many out there with such a variety of story lines. It all comes down to personal preference. Do you prefer action, comedy or heartfelt dramas? The reality is that most car movies are action or comedy which works out well for most. Let’s discover the most popular car movie titles we’ve seen over the years.


The Fast and the Furious (2001) joined by endless sequels with less quality. The original Furious film provides just the right amount of “too good to be true” for a fun action-packed ride.

Disney Pixar came out with Cars in 2006.  This movie is about a world inhabited by talking cars. The champion racer, Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), is unknowingly taken on a detour while traveling to his next race. This  hotshot race car becomes stuck in the tiny town of Radiator Springs. The residents of the town provide him a taste of his own exhaust fumes.


Days of Thunder is the Top Gun version of a car movie, directed by the same man, Tony Scott. Cole Trickle is a Nascar driver with a listening problem. There’s a confrontation with his rival and his grizzled instructor. She becomes an authority-figure love interest (Nicole Kidman). Silly yet incredibly enjoyable.

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The original French movie is different from the Taxi Wipe Hollywood remake with Queen Latifah.  A cab driver Samy Naceri is hiding a few tricks under his bonnet. They come in handy when he assists police tracking some German bank robbers. Keep your eyes open for a young Marion Cotillard who plays the hero’s girlfriend.


Cannonball Run provides a popular list of names from Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett, Sammy Davis Jr. with Jackie Chan, Dean Martin and Peter Fonda to Roger Moore. There’s no shortage of entertainment with this film.

Check out No Man’s Land from 1987 with D B Sweeney. He plays a Porsche-obsessed police officer that goes undercover. His job is to bring down a gang Porsche thieves led by rich kid Charlie Sheen. It’s fairly predictible that Sweeney gets sucked in too deep. However this movie provides too much fun to worry about that.


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The Gumball Rally from 1976 combines comedy with classic cars built for speed. This created a great movie about road racing.

Of course Smokey and the Bandit (1977) is a must for this list. It’s a definite classic. The Bandit, with his defiant personality, picks up a girl (Sally Fields) while driving circles around the Sheriff in a classic Trans Am.


The movie Grand Prix in 1966 provided an all-star cast. The attempt at capturing the dangerous yet glamorous sixties formula one was slightly cheesy. However it did a great job of providing the feeling of motor racing for the era.

This next movie is appealing to adults and children. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came to the screens in 1968 with a famous flying contraption. This is a fun one.


Enjoy a charming story telling about two classic-car enthusiasts. They embark on a journey for the London to Brighton vintage rally. Despite them going along at barely above walking pace the competition heats up. Before you know it,  a wager is made. The last car to reach Brighton hands over their car. In the case of curiousity, Genevieve is the name of one of their ancient classics.



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