Restoring Classic Cars

photo of a classic car

Bringing back an original

Many classic cars are over fifty years old. If you have a classic car you know what restoration is. However the individuals purchasing and restoring a classic for the first time may not. Restoration is bringing back the original look and quality of your classic. Classic car restoration provides a potentially memorable experience.

So what are some examples of classic cars? The Mercury Park Lane and Chevy Impala, Ford Mustang and Station Wagon, the Plymouth Duster and L88 Corvette and lastly the Chevrolet 210 are just a few classics from the sixties and seventies.

What’s one well-known quality of any classic car? They always stand out compared to any other vehicle. Classic car restoration brings about second looks from those passing by. Also this provides great possibilities for a higher price should you choose to part with it. Keep in mind restoration requires dedication, patience, time and of course investing money. Make sure to tag the parts of the car requiring restoration. This ensures an organized approach.

Let the restoration begin

Classic Car PhotographyThe major part of any restoration is your engine. Choose a certified mechanic you trust to care for it. Once that’s complete you can steam wash and repaint the engine compartment. Now begin your overview of the car. It’s important to change the oil for the transmission and gearbox. Look for rusted or damaged body panels and tag them for replacement.

Check the car windows for chips and cracks. The best option for replacement is to acquire them from an auto glass shop. Using chrome polishing products ensures that good as new look you want. View the rubber lining of the doors and windows. If the quality is good then apply silicone spray for smooth operation. Another very important consideration is the interior. This includes upholstery and floor panels.  Finally attempt to restore the paint color to the original. Having that classic look adds more value to the car.

Restoration is labor intensive and takes months to complete depending on the car. Searching for parts from many dealers and shops and the process provides complications sometimes. Once your project’s complete the feeling is amazing.


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