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24 Feb 2017
photo of a booth at a diner

Classic Flavors, Classic Cars

We’ve all experienced that moment when we want to enjoy the classic flavors only diners offer. The food and the atmosphere create the experience of traveling back to the times of classic cars-the fifties. Let’s discover a few of the best diners providing classic themes around Ohio. The Cruisin’ 50’s Diner, family owned and operated, is located in Mentor, Ohio. Enjoy the fifties music playing on the jukebox, nostalgic decor with portraits of icons from that decade. Thoughts of poodle […]

21 Feb 2017

Best Classic Cars to Buy in 2017 : Past and Future

A great year for Classic Cars Intimidating is the word that comes to mind when purchasing a classic car. Choosing one of the best classic cars isn’t a simple task. There’s so many factors to consider. It’s not about picking your favorite color and style. Therefore you must consider if it’s a good investment, price fluctuations, and the unavoidable wrenching and mounting frustration. However, it’s possible to make this process enjoyable. So do some research to discover what’s on the […]

10 Feb 2017
Classic Car Photography

Classic Car Season 2017

We’re quickly approaching the Classic Car Season for 2017. It’s almost time to start preparing your classic for the upcoming shows and a portrait session. Think about all the effort and time you spend on your prized classic car. Share the story of your classic for years to come with your custom photo book from Next Chapter Photography. Here’s a story of a military Veteran and his pride and joy, a classic 1955 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria. The owner wanted […]